Products with collagen are considered a good remedy against loss of skin elasticity and wrinkles. Despite the fact that the body produces its own collagen, with age, the production of this protein slows down and the skin begins to lose its firmness and elasticity. There are several ways to compensate the loss of collagen, for example, by using injection of dermal fillers, or by eating foods rich in this substance. Even tablets with collagen are offered. However, the best means of delivery of collagen in the skin are collagen serums. This is the most direct path, especially for some specific problem areas.

How the serums with collagen works?

Serums with collagen can contain only pure collagen or collagen in combination with other ingredients, such as vitamin C and antioxidants. When applied on the skin collagen serum fills wrinkles and helps the skin to retain moisture. In most cases, the serum works locally and has a noticeable, positive effect when used daily.

Collagen serums have several advantages over other types of cosmetic products with collagen. What are they?

Serum vs. creams and pills

The benefits of serums are especially evident for owners of oily skin. Serums are lighter than even the best cream for the eye zone, contains no fat and therefore does not leave on your face shiny residue and will not clog pores. Some creams containing collagen leave the feeling of heaviness on the skin and they are difficult to wash off – unlike the serum.

Many people take pills with collagen to restore the level of this protein form inside. But in this case, due to the fact that the ingredients are absorbed in the gastrointestinal tract and are distributed throughout the body, the results on the face are difficult to trace.

Collagen from the serum gets directly into the skin depth where results can be seen within a few days. In addition, the serum with collagen can be used for certain areas of the face where it is most needed (e.g. around the eyes to reduce “crows feet”). No tablets or food supplements can achieve such a result.

A facial mask or a serum?

If we compare various forms collagen containing skincare products, what is more effective – a mask or a serum? The biggest difference between these two products is the frequency of their use. Masks are usually applied once or twice a week, and serums can be used daily. Regular maintenance is always more effective. The conclusion is clear.

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