Perfect makeup for Valentine or Event!

The most romantic day of the year is just around the corner. Valentine is the day where love is celebrated in all its forms. It is a special date for many, a reason to celebrate and to look beautiful. So, today we bring you the blog, a super simple makeup, perfect for your most romantic dates.


Prepare your skin

All good makeup should start with the preparation of the skin from the inside. Mainly, to keep it hydrated, and for the makeup to be fixed more on the face. The first thing would be to clean the residues of makeup or dirt that may be on the skin. For this, we recommend Germinal Micellar Water , clean and tone the skin in a single pass. Afterwards, to keep the skin moisturized, it is best to use a cream like Germinal Hidraplus Essential , which not only hydrates deeply from the inside but also has a sunscreen factor that protects the skin from the harmful rays of the sun.

Base color

Now in winter, when the cold is more present, our skin is noticeably paler. The best to give our look a healthier touch, our ampoules are perfect Germinal Immediate Action Make-up effect . They are a vitalized instantaneous that provides a lifting effect, along with a slight difference of colour, supernatural that unifies the tone of your skin. After the germinal immediate action Make-up effect you can add a little sun powder to mark your cheekbones and in turn a touch of rouge that will give you a blush that feels great.

Highlight your look

To finish the makeup of this Valentine, you can add a shadow in brown tones on the mobile eyelid to highlight your look. You can also enlarge the eyes, curling your eyelashes with an eyelash curler and a few layers of mascara. Framing the eye by fixing the eyebrows can also be very flattering, there are profilers to fill the eyebrows that are super simple to use.

The final touch

The final and final touch to complete your look will be red lips. Red is the colour of love, of passion and of course, of Valentine’s Day. It will be a strong bet that will make a difference to your makeup, for your most special appointments.

This makeup is the most simple and flattering for all. Remember that in Germinal we always want to highlight your natural beauty and that this Valentine, before anything, we want you to fall in love with yourself. Take the time to fix yourself, to take it easy, pamper yourself and take care of yourself as you deserve.



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