3 Mistakes that everyone does in makeup

Makeup is an art, who does not feel prettier in fresh makeup? Just like a good make-up can take away a few years from us, it can also add years to our ID in a moment. There are some makeup mistakes that do not help at all.


Always remember this basic rule: ‘less is more’. The more natural your make up, the younger you look. That’s why, today we are going to tell you about those 3 makeup mistakes that we have all made each time.

Avoid Heavy makeup:

If makeup is an art, finding the perfect foundation is a miracle. This is the most common mistake when it comes to makeup, we need to find a tone that is not darker than our skin because otherwise, we will get the opposite effect. The masking effect will only add years to our face, as it will highlight all wrinkles and fine lines.

It is important to apply the base with the face well hydrated. Applying a moisturizer without protection can be another of the big mistakes we make every day. We do not realize that we spend more time exposed to the sun than we think and this accelerates the natural aging of the skin. Therefore, this step is necessary to keep our skin young and healthy.

So, aim well. Choose the correct base, apply moisturizer before starting to make up and do not spend throwing product. To achieve naturalness, we should not overdo it when applying the base.

Another of the makeup mistakes that can age us is the color of blush on. Betting on a pinkish tone can be a success because it will sweeten our features. Also, it is important to know where to apply it. As we get older our cheekbones tend to fall, therefore, we must blur the color at the highest point of the cheekbones.

For the days when your face needs help because fatigue can be seen. The Flash Effect ampoules will be your best ally.

Watch your eyes:

To begin with, beware of the concealer can become your worst enemy . Make sure you revitalize your eyes with a good eye contour that reduces dark circles and reduces bags. Once this step is done, it is very necessary to blur the concealer well to avoid sticking in the folds of the skin and highlight the lines of expression. A piece of advice, Help yourself with a brush.

The next step is the eyeshadows, beware of passing yourself! It may seem that your eyelid weighs and add years. Two things to consider: Powders better than cream and nude tones better than dark.

A detail to keep in mind: do not delineate on the lower lashes, or apply mascara on them. Why? Highlight the lines of expression and dark circles. It is better to enhance the superior ones and get the optical effect of a bigger look.

Avoid dark lipsticks:

A frequent makeup mistake is to apply lipsticks that do not help. Avoid the dark and bright lipsticks. The best option is to use warm-toned lipsticks that bring naturalness to the face.

Makeup removal mistakes:

In the makeup action, we also include the moment to remove makeup. Not doing it is the worst mistake we can make. If we do not take good care of our face every time it will be duller and it will not matter how well we put on makeup.

Make sure you clean the skin every night and remove all traces of makeup. Use a mild cleanser and absorb all excess fat.


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