Discover how to rejuvenate the skin naturally

It is inevitable, with the passage of time, on our skin begin to appear expression marks. This is something as natural as life itself and since Germinal, we always support natural beauty.

But, we know at first hand, that there are many of you who care to keep your face young, why do not you like to feel that time does not go through your skin? Therefore, although we can not stop the clock, today we want to give you some tips to rejuvenate the skin but not in any way, only in a natural way!

Take care of your diet

As we always say to be good on the outside you have to start taking care of yourself inside, that’s why an adequate diet can help your skin a lot. We are fortunate to know many foods that have special nutrients for skin rejuvenation, we tell you some!

It is scientifically proven that eating citrus is excellent to rejuvenate the face, its great antioxidant power, and the vitamin C that it possesses, repairs our skin from the inside causing the production of collagen (the one in charge of keeping our skin young).

Broccoli contains components that protect and improve the skin, as well as olive oil, flax seeds, and almonds, which combat the dryness of the skin and therefore prevents the formation of wrinkles.

Also note on your shopping list green tea, avocado, mango, and fish. A balanced diet will help your skin stay young.

Change your beauty routine

Check the products you use in your facial beauty routine! Are they still effective? Are they suitable for your skin type? At Germinal, we offer specific natural cosmetics for skin rejuvenation.

Germinal Deep Action Serum for Mixed & Oily skin is specific treatments for mature skin that help keep skin younger. Our Intensive Care Facial Serum is also perfect to combat the passage of time with a lasting lifting effect, helping to achieve a smoother, hydrated and firm skin.

In addition, Germinal Deep Action Collagen and Elastin favor the elasticity of the fibers of the skin, which with age harden. In addition, it compensates the decrease in the manufacture of collagen, preventing the appearance of wrinkles and reducing them. Result? A firm and young skin for a longer time.

Attitude is everything

Do not take things so seriously. Work stress can cause us to age prematurely and even cause serious health problems, so it is important to try to keep calm at the frenetic pace of everyday life. Put your mass as a priority.

Because the change is in you. It is important to know how to cut time and separate work from your daily life. Say yes to going out with friends, to a good book, to singing in the shower. And for moments of personal overflow, try breathing exercises. The challenges can also be raised with joy and not with anguish.

Do you know anything else that helps? Laugh, laugh a lot. There are many studies that assure that people with laughing faces look younger. So laugh more!

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