This New Year Eve, Shine more than ever

This week we prepare for one of the most magical nights of the year. On New Year’s Eve, the warmth of family and friends surround us, we remember the last 12 months and we give the kick-off to the purposes for 2019.

End of the year arrives full of hope, joy and celebration. A night made to enjoy, get beautiful and dance, for that reason, today in the blog we want to reveal some secrets so that this year it is you who shine more than ever! Do you want to know? Keep reading what we started!

Make your skin shine!

Because the first thing that has to shine is our face, it has to shine with joy and happiness. But we know at first hand that sometimes fatigue does not do justice to all those emotions. So this year we want to recommend that you prepare for this night with the Immediate Action Double Effect Serum.

It will be your perfect ally, you will get an anti-fatigue effect instantly. The combination of active ingredients such as corn proteins or Ginseng extract, will nourish your skin deeply, leaving your face radiant for at least 12 hours all night! You will get that light and that natural shine that our skin needs

Shadow here and shadow there

This year, glitter and glitter have been very present in the make up trends. For New Year’s Eve, dare to use shades with gold or silver pigments, or even traces of glitter. The illuminator also can not miss on the last night of the year, a little on the top of the cheekbones, in the lacrimal and in the cupid’s bow. It will be the perfect touch that will make the difference to your usual makeup.

You can also encourage yourself to use some metallic lipstick with which you will be radiant, or if you can not always use the mythical red lips. They never fail, they look great with both gold and silver, undoubtedly a safe bet.


We hope that you spend a magical night with your loved ones and that you shine, not only on December 31st, but all year long happy 2019!

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