Winter is here: Learn how to take care of your skin.

The cold is officially here, we are in the change of season from autumn to winter and with it the fearsome colds that we do not like so much. Every year we are caught by surprise, and it seems that the viruses agree to attack when you have that event that you expected so much, or just the week in which more things you have to do.

We do not want you to ruin any plan, so today we bring to the blog some tips to avoid them, are you ready?

Increase your defenses

One of the keys is to increase the defenses and for this it is essential to take care of the food. Garlic and ginger are products with great benefits for the immune system. In addition, going beyond the typical hot soup to which we go before any cold, we recommend breakfast orange juice or carrot and consume foods with vitamin C. These will help your body to be ready to any virus that comes near.

Open up!

Our mothers are right and although it seems very obvious, getting warm can save us from cold. As the saying goes, “I am hot, people laugh,” but who says that being beautiful and warm at the same time is incompatible? This winter, get yourself a well-warmed maxi coat , a scarf and a wool hat, not only you’ll be warm, but you’ll also be up to date.

More advice …

Sleep well , as they always recommend, more than seven hours. Wash your hands frequently, because as we will have experienced the cold it is contagious, therefore, in this season more than ever we will have to be careful with hygiene. Doing sports or taking zinc will also be key strategies to fight the cold.

And if you still have a cold …

Maybe, despite everything, you can not get rid of a cold, in that case, the best thing to recover after a week of thermometer, bed and aspirin, will be our Instant lifting serum . Made with corn proteins, they are a great vitalizer of tissues that moisturize and nourish the deeply fatigued skin . You will instantly say goodbye to the cold aspect and return to the routine as new, just as if you had been one of the lucky few who have not fallen into the virus networks.
So you know, get the ginger, the coat, the soup, the zinc and Germinal Immediate Action ampoules, you’ll have everything you need to overcome the cold!

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