Top 6 Questions Ask About Immediate Action Double Effect

1. For what type of skin is the Germinal Double Effect serum recommended?

For all skin types and for any age when an INSTANT lifting effect is needed along with intensive moisturising and nourishment for the skin.

2. How to use?

The content of the ampoule is distributed on the palms and applied softly to the skin of the face, neck and décolletage, it is allowed to apply eye contour and eyelids (trying not to get liquid on the mucous membrane of the eye). The duration of action is about 12 hours.

3. Is it possible to use frequently / daily?

Of course you can! Serum contains a high concentration of moisturizing and nutrients, vitamins and trace elements, which can only benefit.

4. For how many applications is one ampoule designed?

It all depends on your desire and the needs of your skin. Usually, we recommend using 1 ampoule for one application, but it is possible that its contents will suffice for 4 applications. There is a common misconception that the contents of the ampoule lose effectiveness very quickly after opening because of contact with air. This is not true. If you keep the ampoule out of the access for external contamination, intense heat and light, all the properties of the serum remain.

5. Is it necessary to use additional moisturizers after the Serum Double Effect?

Serum itself contains a large dose of moisturizing agents. Nevertheless, if desired, you can use any moisturizer or makeup.

6. They say that if you use Germinal Instant Effect Serums before applying make-up, make-up is better on the skin and lasts longer?

Quite right. This is due to the fact that the skin is instantly smooth, deeply moisturised and elastic. Thanks to this, make-up is fixed much better and lasts longer.

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