Benefits of Germinal’s Ampoules Active Ingredients

Every day a new treatment is introduced in the market to take care of our face, Some of these are in ampoule format. It is important to know that not all treatments are the same, and not all products include the same active ingredients in their composition.

Today we will tell you what active ingredients are present in our ampules and their properties to help you look radiant and rejuvenated. We have different ranges of blisters, on the one hand, Germinal Deep Action, to give an intensive care to the skin and transform it with a continued use of the product. On the other, Germinal Immediate Action, perfect to give you a lifting effect for a day when you want to feel your skin be younger again. If you have not tried them yet, what are you waiting for?

Germinal Deep Action

The Deep Action range is composed of several combinable treatments to give the skin a more intense care: ampoules of Hyauluronic Acid, Collagen ampoules and Elastin and Antiaging Treatment 3.0.

The active principles contained in this range are:

  • HYALURONIC ACID : Hyaluronic acid is involved in many processes of our body. It is the key to healing of wounds since it helps cell regeneration. It is essential for the hydration and nutrition of the skin, because it helps maintain the properties of the tissues. Did you know that it is highly concentrated on the umbilical cord? Our body over the years produces less Hyaluronic Acid, contributing to the deterioration of our skin, to the appearance of wrinkles and flaccidity. It is important to keep the skin young, soft and elastic, hence it is so used in cosmetic treatments.
  • COLLAGEN: This protein sure sounds a lot familiar to you. But what is it really? It is, together with the elastic fibers, elastin and reticulin, the protein that provides firmness and flexibility to the skin, so these three components play a fundamental role in the aging process of the skin. If you want to know more about this protein, we suggest you read this Germinal post.
  • ELASTINE : It is a protein that gives resistance, like collagen to the skin. It helps the skin fibers to recover their normal size and proper position to avoid sagging. In short, it serves to take years off your face.
  • KIGELIA : It is an active with tensing, reaffirming and nutritious actions, found in African Kigelia, a tree native to the African savanna.
  • PINK MOSQUETA : Surely you’ve heard or used this oil. But do you know its benefits? It is very useful to avoid the formation of scars and prevent the loss of water, making the skin look smooth and luminous. In addition, it has an enormous power to prevent skin aging, combating the appearance of wrinkles.
  • OMEGA 3 AND 6 : These are the fatty acids that your skin needs. Our body is not capable of producing these two nutrients, but they are very beneficial for both the outside and the inside of our body. They keep our skin hydrated and strengthen the protective barrier. In addition, omega 3 has anti-inflammatory properties.
  • DRIELINE: It acts as a natural defense system of the skin that serves to prevent aging and keep the skin young. But, it also helps repair. Aging is inevitable, although it can slow down the process and help regenerate mature skin.

Germinal Immediate Action

This range consists of different components or active ingredients that will help you stay perfect for a day. If you have an event, an interview, an occasion or you have just got up with the desire to eat the world, this is the product that cannot be missing in your vanity case.

The range of immediate action gives your skin an instant lifting effect which leaves your skin radiant. They are a powerful tissue revitalizer that combats traces of fatigue on your face. Boost your real beauty instantly with a single gesture. Within this range, you can find Immediate Action Flash Effect, Immediate Action Double Flash Effect, Immediate Action Dry Skin and Immediate Action Makeup Effect.

Some of the active principles are:

  • YEAST: Given its high amount of proteins, it is especially recommended for muscle development. It is great to keep cell regeneration active, therefore, yeast extract is the new vedette for cosmetic products. Among its properties is to facilitate the production of collagen, elastin and that of being refreshing the skin. But its most important function is to help the skin oxygenate. Protecting, therefore, the metabolic processes of cells. What does this mean? The yeast serves to eliminate wrinkles, as it facilitates the development of tissues. In addition, it helps hydration and decongests the skin.
  • HAMAMELIS: Hamamelis is a shrub that originally grew in North America, but, after the discovery of its rejuvenating properties, it is also grown in Europe. Who would not want to cultivate it? This plant is well known for its medical properties for the skin. It works as an anti-inflammatory agent, helping to reduce the inflation of skin tissues. Ciao, ciao, bags! It is great for irritations and redness. And, also to reaffirm!
  • GINSENG: With age, cells lose their capacity for regeneration. For this reason, we lose elasticity in the skin. Our face needs to be endowed with a supply of active components that improve elasticity and help accelerate the process of muscle regeneration. The effectiveness of Ginseng in the aging processes has been demonstrated since it helps to reduce the dryness and the wrinkles of the skin. It is used in cosmetics because, in addition to accelerating the elimination of toxins, it protects us against environmental radiation.
  • ALOE VERA: This ‘miraculous plant’ provides much needed essential nutrients to keep the face young and full of life. It has a high content of amino acids and vitamins that penetrate the innermost layers of the skin. This prevents the face from losing moisture naturally. But not only that! This wonderful product is great for regenerating the skin, among its properties is to repair the skin and restore damaged tissues. Favoring the production of new cells.
  • CORN PROTEIN:  Contains vitamin A, vital to maintain healthy skin. Also, this active ingredient is very rich in vitamin C and lycopene, antioxidants that increase the production of collagen and help keep the skin soft. It is widely used in cosmetic products to soothe irritation and skin rashes.

Now you know the active ingredients that make Germinal ampoules. If you have doubts about which one is best for you, find out in this post.


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