5 Benefits of adding Apple stem cells to your skin care routine

An apple a day keeps the doctor away but can it keep the wrinkles away too?

Have we ever pondered over the fact that why does it keep the doctor away?
Apples are rich in antioxidants, dietary fibres and flavonoids. They help to reduce the risk of cancer, diabetes, heart disease, baldness and skin problems.
Brace yourself ladies and gents, for now, I’m going to unveil the magical abilities of the apple stem cells to do wonders for your skin.

What are stem cells?

Stem cells are plant cells extracted from its meristem. These cells have the ability to regenerate and divide by themselves.

5 Benefits of Apple stem cells:

  1. Skin Hydration: With passing time and age, skin’s stem cells start to decline and are outnumbered by dying cells. Apple stem cells preserve your skin’s stem cells and vitalize it providing hydration and cushioning.
  2. Fountain of Youth: Apple stem cells are widely known as ‘Fountain of youth’ for its wondrous abilities to bring back your youthful look.
  3. UV-Protection: In today’s world, the most harmful thing for our skin is sun rays, mainly UV rays. These rays damage DNA of skin cells and are a major reason for sunburns. Apple stem cells protect our skin against these rays by reducing UV-Induced skin cell death.
  4. Anti-Wrinkles: Along with protecting from environmental damage, cell death prevention and cell regeneration. Apple stem cells also fight genetic aging and visibly reduce wrinkles, age lines and crow’s feet.
  5. 100% effective, No side effects: Due to their natural sources, apple stem cells pose no threat to your skin. Their regenerating properties give effective results with zero side effects. Their amazing results start appearing after 20-30 days of continuous use.

Which Germinal Products have Apple stem cells?

No need to go far in search of these magical cells.
You can find Apple stem cells in Two of our amazing products from Germinal Collection ‘ Oxygenating Cellular Intensive Night Cream‘ and ‘ Intensive Care Facial Serum‘.

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