How to take care of your eye contour?

We all know that the eye area is the most delicate area of our face because it is much thinner than the rest. This entails effects such as its little moisturizing part and the slow circulation of blood, which hinders drainage. In many occasions, we do not take enough care of this area due to ignorance. So today we bring you some tips to have this area perfect.


In the eye contour, blood circulation is slower and, consequently, drainage becomes difficult. This is the reason why, on many occasions, bags appear in your eyes even if you have rested 8 hours.

If you notice this area especially swollen, you should take more seriously to drink 2 litres of water a day. Hydrating inside is one of the best ways to oxygenate this area.

Use a specific product for the eye contour

Since the skin of this area is not the same as in the rest of the face, your usual cream will not cover the exact needs of your contour. Therefore, apply your Essential Hidraplus every morning on your entire face except the eye area.

For this area, our latest launch is ideal: the Essential Eye Contour is specifically designed to give this area of your body the hydration and nutrition it needs.

Rest well

Rest is essential so that your eye contour does not suffer. Avoiding dark circles and bags is as simple as giving your body the hours of rest it needs.

But we all know that it is not always possible to sleep 8 hours a day or rest during the night. Therefore, if you have gone to bed late, either for work or because you went out with friends last night, use a Immediate Action ampoule to erase fatigue on your face. But always keep in mind that not resting a night should be something punctual, not your habit.

Apply your cosmetics with care

The way you apply your cream or foundation on the contour also affects its appearance. Remember that it is a very sensitive area, so you should use the least possible force when caring for the contour.

Our recommendation is that you apply the products to touch with the tips of your fingers. The finger that has less strength in the ring, so try to use this finger to throw the cream or base, especially if your eye area is especially sensitive.

Always clean skin

Having clean skin is essential for the pore to transpire. One of the steps that you should never skip in your beauty routine is the time to remove makeup . The micellar water here will be your ally, since it will remove all the waste that your face. have no need to spend many times the cotton, avoiding irritate the skin.

If you wear waterproof makeup you should make sure that your micellar water also removes this type of product. The Essential micellar water clean makeup long-lasting, soothing and toning the face effortlessly with grape extracts.

And if I don’t do make-up do I need to use micellar water? The answer is yes. Micellar water is not a simple makeup remover, but the components of this product remove the fat and impurities that your face may have accumulated throughout the day. For example, the pollution that exists in the air.



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