4 Tips for Perfect Makeup to Look Radiant

It’s time to prepare for that important appointment, a party with friends is coming, a job interview or that event for which you want to be perfect. You have already chosen the clothes that you are going to wear, you have thrown two hours in the shower and you are going to start with the makeup. A whole ritual and we love it!


But, has it ever happened to you that within a few hours of leaving your house you do not have even a drop of makeup left on your face? In Germinal, we give you the key to be radiant for longer. It is possible to achieve it, you just have to carry out these 4 steps and you will shine with your own light and for longer!


To achieve an immediate lifting effect and with the maximum luminosity in the face, you can apply the blisters Immediate Action Flash Effect. Thanks to the corn protein, you will feel your skin younger and smoother throughout the day.

All Immediate Action blisters have the same mode of use. Pour the contents in your hand and apply it to your face. It is very important that before using the ampoules you have a clean face free of impurities.

Distribute all the contents of the ampoule throughout the face, neck and décolleté. You will notice its effect immediately.

Not all blister treatments have the same properties. Learn about the active ingredients that make Germinal ampoules in this post.


One of the most important areas that you can not forget to treat is the eye contour. This is where your tiredness, your state of health and even the stress you have is reflected … that is why it is so necessary to take special care and pamper it well.

With the Germinal Eye Contour you will act against the most common alterations in the area: bags, dark circles and wrinkles. Use this treatment and give it the daily care it needs, thanks to its anti-inflammatory, draining and anti-wrinkle power.

How to use?

Apply it on your hand and spread it with light touches on the area around the eye. Pay special attention to the area of expression wrinkles.


Nourishing your face well before you start painting is almost as important as having and spreading a good base of makeup.

Essential Hidraplus has a high concentration of hyaluronic acid so, in addition to hydrating your skin, it will help fill in wrinkles. With the arrival of good weather it is necessary to use a cream that includes protection factor. Luckily, with Germinal Essential Hidraplus, you will always be safe from the harmful effects of the sun.


Only the final touch remains. Prepare the table with all your brushes and makeup must. With a little shadow here, shade there … and you are ready. And endure all day as freshly made up!

In our Youtube channel you have the routine in case you have any doubt about how to apply the products, do not skip any step.


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