5 Beauty Tips to Look Radiant in Ramzan

This Ramzan Germinal will give you all the tricks to look radiant and glowing.


Drink lemonade, it will help you stay hydrated. In addition, it provides vitamin C, a great antioxidant, essential for the production of collagen. One of the most important proteins in our
body to prevent the appearance of wrinkles!
Change from coffee to tea, take advantage of all the benefits offered by white tea, rich in vitamin A, C and E. We advise to drink it at least two hours before sleeping, to prevent insomnia. It is also very important to rest well, try to sleep at least for 7 hours. You will notice the change on your face!
If you don’t want to darken your complexion, do not forget to protect your skin against the UV rays of the sun. Use Hidraplus and keep your skin hydrated with sun protection factor 30. During
night we recommend using Nourishing Night Oil, providing deep nutrition to your skin while you sleep. It is important to sleep with clean skin, do not forget to remove makeup before going to bed!


Face reflects our diet, which is why it is important to take care of it. Include probiotics in your diet to make your immune system strong. Eat pineapple or papaya in Iftar, they will help you hydrate and purify your skin. Include green leafy vegetables to improve skin condition and strengthen your hair.  If you decide to sunbathe, add tomatoes to your diet which improve the absorption of heat and avoid bad exposure to sunlight.


If you have wrinkles and expression lines, we advise you to use Deep Action Collagen and Elastin every night, the serum in this ampoule favours the elasticity of the fibers and compensate the low manufacture of collagen. If you don’t have time to treat your skin, go with the miracle! Use Germinal Immediate Action, that will provide an instant lifting effect. You can notice your skin changing instantly. If you need an extra effect, we recommend the Immediate Action Double Effect ampoules, you will enjoy a tightening and nourishing effect for a longer time.


Make yourself up and have fun!

Wearing a good makeup is also important. The Germinal Immediate Action Ampoules are excellent makeup fixers. When you get home after the Iftar party, do not forget to remove your makeup and remove all the impurities with Micellar Water, it is very effective and is suitable for all skin types. Enjoy the blessings of Ramadan!

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