To look young is a question of choice?

Skin is the largest organ of the human body, performing many functions including thermo-regulation, breathing and metabolism, but the main task of the skin is to protect the body from environmental factors.

It is a barrier that gets in the way of dust, harmful emissions, too high or too low temperatures. The skin of the first takes a lot of strikes, so it deserves attention, care and care.

While a person is growing, the youth of the skin is provided by active production of growth hormone (somatotropin). When the level of this hormone is significantly reduced (i.e. at the age of 25-30 years), the aging process begins.

In the future, the production of estrogens by the female body is also reduced, which also contributes to the skin aging processes that occur at the cellular level. Fortunately, modern science, bio- and nanotechnology, offer solutions for many problems that previously seemed unsolvable.

Discoveries by scientists and technologists have found application in cosmetic products of Germinal brand. Since 1977, when the pharmaceutical company Alter Laboratories (Spain) has launched a new brand, innovative care products have appeared in pharmacies that have helped and are helping to prolong natural youth, make beauty more vivid and lasting.

Since then, the design has changed many times and new products have appeared, but the highest quality and use in the production of natural raw materials remained unchanged. Everyone knows that the main stages of skin care are divided into 4 stages: cleansing, moisturizing, nutrition and protection.

In Germinal collections you will find everything that is needed for this – care products, the action of which can be characterized in one word: efficiency.

We know that modern women want and love to take care of themselves and want you to pamper yourself with wonderful care, do it quickly and easily – even without leaving home, all year round!

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