Night routine express: How to prepare your skin in 10 minutes?

You arrive home exhausted and you only want to go to sleep, but first, you have to remove your makeup. The night routines that you read seem very long and you know you will not meet them, so you take off your mascara and you think it’s good. That’s why in Germinal we propose a night routine that you can complete in 10 minutes. Take note.

First, remove makeup

First, remove all the makeup and impurities that our skin has been able to collect throughout the day. Remove all the hair from your face making a ponytail and remember to wash your hands before you start to remove makeup.

There are many ways to eliminate face makeup: gels, cleansing milk, wipes, etc. We recommend using Germinal Basico Miceller Water, since it removes all makeup (even waterproof ) much faster than any other product. It is also a cleaner and does not need rinsing.

The Tonic

When cleaning the face you can discover redness and get irritation if you do not apply a tonic. This is because the pH of the skin is unbalanced and we need this product to return to its usual levels.

It is important that you choose a tonic according to your skin type: sensitive, mixed, fat, etc. A disc impregnated with tonic will be enough to soothe the skin. In addition, this product is so light that you do not have to wait for it to dry to continue with your routine.


This is the last step, and possibly the one that you do not want to do because of laziness. Nourishing the skin at night helps the process of cell regeneration, which takes place while we sleep. In addition, if we apply a nourishing cream, the next day we will wake up with the most luminous and smooth face.

However, throwing cream can give us a lot of laziness for the fatty residues that can leave us. No one wants to go to sleep with a dirty face, right? Therefore, a Germinal Collection Nutritive Night Dry Touch Oil can be the perfect solution. Droplets on your hands and massage your face while you apply it. Remember to apply it also on the neck and neckline, two very forgotten areas that also need care at night.

Hands and lips

The face is not the only part of your body that needs hydration. Therefore, the night is a good time to give your hands and lips your daily hydration dose.

If you feel lazy, you can place a hand cream (Basicos Hands & Nails) and a cocoa on your bedside table to go to sleep with maximum hydration.

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