Morning routine: How your skin will look perfect all day?

Every morning the alarm goes off and you do not have to spare a minute. Hurry every minute drinking coffee while you get ready and you’ll probably leave the house with the half-full and half-made cup. Well, for that to happen no more, today we bring you the perfect morning routine so you do not waste a minute and your skin is ready for the whole day.

Clean your skin well

The first is the first. During the night, impurities may accumulate on our face (it is, therefore, advisable to change the pillow case frequently). Using a cleaner before applying the rest of the products is essential to avoid the appearance of black spots and pimples. If you went to bed last night without removing makeup, that although it is one of the capital sins of beauty has happened to us all, this is the time to also eliminate the remains of the previous day. Pass a cotton ball with Basicos Miceller Water and remove any remaining mascara, lipstick, or eyeshadow that may remain.

TIP A bad night? In this step is where you will find the solution to sleepless nights. The Immediate Action Flash Effect should be applied to the face completely clean. Only then will its effect last more than 8 hours and you will have a face free of fatigue throughout the day. Once absorbed in the contents of the ampoule completely, you can move on to the next step of the routine.

100% hydrated skin

A hydrated skin is synonymous with a healthy and young skin. One of the biggest natural moisturizers is Hyaluronic Acid, which you can apply with an ampoule or using a cream that includes hyaluronic acid in its composition. The Essential Hidraplus has a high concentration in this element to fill wrinkles and hydrate your skin from the inside. In addition, it is mandatory that your daily moisturizer has a sun protection factor that protects you from the harmful effects of the sun, whatever the season.

However, there is a part of the face that we usually forget to take care of and it is one of the biggest reflections of fatigue: the Essential Eye Contour. This area of the skin needs special care because the skin that frames our eyes is very different from the rest of the face. A specific product for the eye area is the simplest and fastest solution to treat this area as you need.

Remember that the routine of tomorrow is only 50% of the daily care of the skin since at night you must remove all the waste that has remained on your skin throughout the day. When you get to each one you must dedicate a few minutes to your skin too, and here we propose a night routine.

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