The best cleansing routine for your skin

There are days when facial cleansing is done and it is completely understandable. One comes tired of work and of doing a thousand things. If you go to the gym or you prepare something for dinner or watch the Netflix series whatever it is, the last thing you want before going to bed is to do a facial cleansing ritual.

As we know that this can be complicated, today in the blog we want to give you some tips to have a simple facial cleansing, recommend the best products to carry out and above all, we want to tell you why it is so important. So that, if you are one of those who wake up in the mornings with the remains of mascara of the previous day around your eyes as if it were a raccoon, this post interests you!

Twice per day

It seems that the cleaning is only done to remove makeup, and that, therefore, it has been only done at the end of the day. You have to take care of your face both in the morning and at night. In the morning it is important to do a facial cleaning to remove the accumulated debris during the night and prepare our skin for our daily makeup, with a moisturizer with sunscreen .

At night, nothing better than removing makeup in depth and moisturize your skin with a facial serum or a night cream, cellular oxygen that will rejuvenate your face while you sleep. Pampering and cleaning your skin at night will make you rest much better, your muscles will relax and you will be ready to sleep properly.

Goodbye baby wipes, hello micellar water!

To eliminate the residues of makeup and environmental pollution accumulated in our skin during the day, it is best to ally with a good cleanser. If until now, you have used makeup remover wipes, we want to present you micellar water that with only one pass removes the makeup leaving your skin clean and shiny. Unlike wipes, micellar water contains no preservatives or fragrances that can damage your skin. Our micellar water is made with original grape extract that will tone and neutralize your face.

In addition, with the use of micellar water, you will contribute to the environment by reducing the use of wet wipes which are not biodegradable and cause multiple bottlenecks in the pipes.

Make a habit

At first it may be difficult to be consistent with the routine of facial cleansing and for some days we have to force ourselves, but after a few weeks, it will become a habit. Many studies say that it only takes 21 days to introduce a routine in our day to day, will we be able to get it?

Be that as it may, our skin has a memory and cleaning and pampering it, will always be a good option. Introduce this facial cleansing in your routine and your skin will always be radiant, do you join?

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