4 Things About Germinal Immediate Action Everyone Should Know

What is Germinal® Immediate Action?

The Germinal Immediate Action will leave your skin radiant for at least 8 hours. Germinal Immediate Action Flash Effect is a powerful fabric vitalizer that fights the tracks of fatigue on your face. Impulse your real beauty instantly with a single gesture.

These products have instant lifting and skin tone enhancement effect. So you can break an ampoule and apply the serum and allow it to dry before you apply your make up or even better just wear the confidence from a beautifully radiant youthful natural skin.

Is it suitable for my skin?

Yes, A special serum for dry skin and a Double Effect is available for different skin types and age groups.

Germinal Immediate action Flash effect is best for age less than 45 year and comes in two packing sizes of 5 & 10 ampoules. The second one is for Dry Skin which is also suitable for age less than 45 years and comes in a pack of 5 ampoules. Last but not the least, There is Immediate Action Double Effect which is best for age above 45 years and severe signs of ageing.


Does it have side effects?

Germinal Serums are top quality European products made with natural extracts. These are clinically tested. however, if you have a hyper-sensitive skin, please check all the ingredients for the specific product on our website to identify any known allergy. Germinal products do not contain parabens, artificial colours or scents.


How to apply Germinal® Immediate Action Ampoule?

Break the ampoule and apply Germinal Immediate Action Flash effect on the clean and dry skin. Once absorbed, wait a few moments to apply your usual cream.

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