How to Make Your Skin Perfect Every Morning

When we return to our daily routine, our skin again suffer more, as it is more exposed to external factors such as pollution, stress and tension and others such as the return to daily makeup.

Therefore, although not all skins are the same, it is important that each day we follow a series of routines in order to protect and care for our skin.

Cleaning as a base

It is an essential step. Every morning, it is important to wash your face thoroughly with lukewarm water, eliminating any type of dead cells. Our pores need to breathe and, if we do not release them every morning from the fat generated at night, they end up clogging and that’s when imperfections and black spots begin to appear.

Next, we must use the Basicos Micellar Water to eliminate the excess of fat in the skin.


Use your treatment

Once your face is clean, not every day we need the same treatment. Today you woke up with a more tight face? It needs more hydration. Do it before wrinkles start to appear?

We recommend an ampule of Deep Action Collagen and Elastin to nourish and improve the elasticity of your skin.


Hydrate before leaving home

To seal the treatment, you must finish the process with your cream or serum.

Before going outside, it is very important to protect and moisturize your skin so that you suffer less in your day to day. For example, the Intensive Cellular Nutrition Day Cream  fights the effects of oxidizing elements and returns to your skin the lost luminosity. Fill wrinkles from the inside and hydrate your skin in depth. It also protects it from air and sun pollution with an SPF 15.

Each morning, spend a few minutes on your skin constantly. You will notice it instantly and over the years your face will thank you.

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