Germinal . : Do you think that beauty depends on the age? Can a woman look radiant at any period of her life?

Paloma Cornejo: of Course she can, the main thing is to take care of yourself. I don’t understand people who invest money in cars, in decoration of their houses, clothes and bags, not caring about their appearance. Achievements of aesthetic medicine, especially in dermatology, can keep youth, without losing individuality. Life expectancy has been growing steadily, approaching 80 years. Why not come to this age in the best possible shape? The problem is that people are freaked out by cases of aesthetic medicine abuse – all of these enormously inflated lips and so on. There are a lot of myths and misconceptions.

G.: Many women worry about the dark spots on the skin, what would you suggest? Are there any techniques and procedures to prevent their occurrence or to eliminate them?

PC: Of course! There is a wide range of sunscreens and makeup products which can help. They create a protective screen from UV radiation, which stimulates the melanocytes.

G.: Do you have a daily beauty ritual? Could you share the secrets?

PC: I like to use micellar water to cleanse the skin, then I apply a serum with hyaluronic acid plus oil-free moisturizer with vitamin C, since I have an oily skin. Then I use makeup products with SPF. In the evening I remove makeup with micellar water, then apply the cream with retinoic acid in high concentrations. Once a week I do a light or deep peeling.

G.: There have been a lot of talk about hyaluronic acid lately, what can you tell us about it? So whether it is effective as they say?

PC: Hyaluronic acid is a molecule that is present in our dermis, which is able to hold the amount of water more than 100 times its weight, which gives us the effective hydration. I therefore recommend that in addition to such treatments as mesotherapy with hyaluronic acid, vitamins and amino acids are to be applied it topically.

G.: Why do we need products with collagen and elastin? Have you tried our Profound Action serum?

PC: It’s also the molecules that form the structure of our skin, giving it firmness and elasticity. When used topically they provide hydration and a radiant look to the face.

G.: Germinal Immediate action Serum in ampoules – the perfect ally for women who want to see an instant transformation. Have they ever helped you?

PC: Yes. Especially when I need to participate in Congress. I have to get up early, days are usually busy, and there is no much time to take care of myself.

G: do Do you have a favorite Germinal? Something that you would like to have, if you were on a desert island?

PK: Immediate Action Serum. I often don’t get enough sleep and this serum instantly gives the face a fresh and rested appearance. And you are not limited to using them only on a special occasions…

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